Thursday, June 26, 2014

Meet my new guest BLOGGERS!

Hi! We are Caoimhe, Cynthia, and Karolina, and Karen, some of Ms. Vecchio's old students...We are becoming bloggers this summer and are SO excited! Each week look out for some cool posts.
These are some fun & funny ideas to do by the end of the summer! 

         Ideas for a Summer Bucket List (fun stuff written by: 6th Graders):
·     * Go to the beach, but before you do, make sure you know how to swim.
·     * Make a campfire and make s’mores, but don’t burn yourself in any way.
·      *Try to read 100 books, but don’t give yourself a headache from reading too long.
·      *Go a day without any technology (computers, laptops, phones, I-Pods, I-Pads, I-Phones and so on)
·      *Take 20 or more photos of the same thing, but TRY not to die of complete boredom.
·      *Make a sand mansion, and have someone destroy it while you’re inside it.
·      *Bury a friend in a heavy and thick layer of sand, then abandon them without any warning so they could get out themselves.
·      *Draw a mustache on your sibling’s face while they’re sleeping, take a picture of them and deny everything to do with it (including that you didn’t do it). But don’t let them catch you!
·      *Make slushies with your friends and/or family. Then drink them as fast as you can, but don’t give yourself brain freeze.
·      *Put on a magic show for your friends and/or family, but don’t laugh.
·      *Pretend to have a water balloon fight with your friends, but super soak your parents instead.
·      *Make a summer bucket list but there’s no copy-cats allowed.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Have a Wonderful Summer.
Please visit these web sites:
Reading and Language Arts Spelling City - A fun way to practice your spelling words.
Lexia Learning
Short Circuit -- Fun game matching suffixes and prefixes to their meanings. Start with level 1 and work your way up to level 4.
Grammar Blast -- Great links for reviewing grammar and parts of speech.
Reading Comprehension Connection -- Select a subject and a skill level. Click Start Lesson to begin.
Strategies for Reading -- This site will help you learn about the 9 strategies to make you a better reader. There are lessons and activities to practice as well.
Prefixes and Suffixes -- Use these links to practice using prefixes and suffixes.

Maggie's Earth Adventure Short Circuit

BBC Prefixes

BBC Suffixes
Cloze activities - more cloze activities
CNN stories -- Choose a topic, read news stories, and do activities using vocabulary, comprehension, sequencing, and more.
Suffixes, Prefixes, and Base Words -- Vocabulary page from that is great for review and practice using these language arts skills.
Subjects and Predicates -- Rags to Riches game finding simple subjects and predicates.
Power Proofreading -- Interactive practice on proofreading skills.
Harcourt Reading Series Online Activities -- Lots of fun and educational activities that go along with the stories students read in class. Click on Grade 5 for 5th grade activities.
Fun Brain - multiple meaning words

Multiple meanings - sentence practice

Ball Hogs - word game focusing on synonyms, antonyms, and homophones.
Comic Creator -- Write your own comic strip with this cool tool.
Vocabulary builder - for each vocabulary question answered correctly, 10 grains of rice will be donated to the UN's World Food Program.
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Geometry Links

Polygon Sides & Angles -- How many sides or angles are there in the polygon? Click the number to answer.

Polygon Matching -- Play this concentration game and try to match the polygon with its name.

Pentominos -- Choose 4 squares to remain empty, then try to put all of the colored shapes on the board without leaving any OTHER squares empty. Good luck!

3-D Boxes -- Calculating volume using 3-D shapes made of cubes.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Area & Perimeter -- Click on AREA. Then click on the rectangle, read and click next. Work through the levels starting at 1 and going until you finish level 3.

3-D Shapes -- Use this site for the lab activity about 3-D shapes.

Factor Links

Learn how to use factors while playing bingo.
Watch the avatars explain when and why we use mutiples and factors, then solve some problems.
Work out 10 problems about highest common factor and lowest common multiple, then have fun with ghosts in the air.

Fraction Pizza -- Click Enter Activities, then either choose a level or start at level one and work your way through the whole game.

Fraction Frenzy -- Quickly match the equivalent fractions to advance to the next level before time runs out. See if you can beat Ms. Cuevas' high score of over 70,000!
Draggable Multiplication
Harcourt Math -- Interactive math games and tutorials from the publishers of our math books.
Arcademic Skill Builders Grand Prix racing, fun games using basic operations
Decimals -- Click on one of the links below to practice with decimals.




Rounding Decimals - practice rounding decimals tenths, hundredths, and thousandths place values
Math Playground -- Lots of fun, interactive math games.
Arithmetic Workshop --word problems and general math practice
Game Aquarium - math games pertaining to a variety of topics: money, place value, basic operations, geometry, etc.
AAA Math -- Practice many different math skills and keep track of how many you get right.
Quia Math Journey -- Click on the type or types of multiplication, division, addition or subtraction you want to practice and start the journey!
A+ Math -- More addition, subtraction, multiplication and division practice. Select the type or types of problems you need.
Virtual Manipulatives -- Explore and practice different math skills with these games.
Factor Bingo - Interactive game reinforcing factors

Racing - choose the operation you want to practice. The more problems you answer the faster your race car will travel.

Baseball - choose the operation you want to practice. Hit a homerun with difficult problems.

Spacey Math - blast alien space ships as you practice basic facts.

Math Magician - challenge yourself by answering 20 basic fact problems in 1 minute. Choose a fact family or mix it up.

Snowball fight - practice basic multiplication facts.
Linear Equations - figure out the linear equations and see help
Brain Teasers
Internet4Classrooms Brain Teasers - A list of brain teasing activities.
GregTangMath - A website with strategies, skills and activities.

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Science Food Chain -- Read and learn about food chains, then click on Create a Food Web at the bottom to make one of your own.

Silicon Spies -- Go through training to become a spy and help the Silicon Spies foil Dr. Volt's plan to take over the power supply of Silicon City.
                                    BiomesEnchanted learning (we don't have a subscription but you can use many of the resources on biomes)

Website on Biomes

A site about biomes for reasearch purposes
The World's Biomes
The world's major communities, classified according to the predominant vegetation and characterized by adaptations of organisms to that particular environment.
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Social Studies Where Is That? -- A game from Funbrain that allows you to practice states and capitals. Choose your level and get started!
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government -- Great website that explores the election process, historical documents, how laws are made, and even includes interactive games.
Explorers Links

Zoom Explorers -- Click on the first letter of the explorer's last name, or browse explorers by years they traveled or area they explored.

Adventure to the New World -- This is a webquest designed by a junior high teacher, but the links on this page are very helpful.

Kid Info Explorers Links -- A page full of web links about explorers. Click and learn!

Explorers Database -- Great website with tons of information on many explorers. Check out the other links on the site, too!
Enchanted Learning Explorers - This site has brief, easy to read information, and most show a simple map of their voyage.

Adventure to the New World - This is actually designed as an assignment, but the links are very useful.

Vikings from Smithsonian - Tour of the Vikings exhibit, and links to information about Vikings.

Scribble Maps - Use this site during your interview to draw the route of your explorer.

All About Explorers - This has great information about explorers.

13 Originals -- Great information, links, maps and a timeline on the 13 original colonies.

13 Colonies -- Click on the colony on the map to read basic information about it.

American Colonies -- A chart of information on each colony, including founder, year founded, purpose, and interesting notes.
Lewis and Clark -- An interactive adventure with these famous American explorers.

Colonial Williamsburg -- Great links to information about the colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.

The Jamestown Adventure -- Help colonize the new world in this interactive game.

Colonial House -- An interactive history website from PBS. Great links, activities, and information.
American Revolution Videos -- Five different videos about the American Revolution from ClassZone.

The Road to Revolution -- Use your knowledge of the Revolutionary War to navigate your way to freedom!
Earth 911 - This site talks about the 3 R's and how to dispose of your electronics.

The Environment and Society - Links to many ways of protecting our environment.
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Other The Three CyberPigs: Privacy Playground -- How well do you know how to use the internet? In this game, you will learn about different things you will see on the web and what to do about them.

Disney Site - promoting safety using the Internet, do's and don'ts

The Three Cyber Pigs: CyberSense and Nonsense -- Learn important lessons about when to believe or not believe what you see on the and internet etiquette (or netiquette).
Citation Machine -- Click on the format you need, then select the resource type you are citing and fill in the blanks.
5th Grade Skill Builders -- Great site with lots of links to games for math and language arts.
Sense-Lang Touch Typing -- Practice your keyboarding skills.
Kids Click- great way to find all kinds of information

Google -search engine