Thursday, November 20, 2014

Check out these LINKS

Social Studies
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Plimouth Plantation
Interactive website that tells the real story about the first Thanksgiving, the Wampanoag, and the Pilgrim settlement in the New World.
Harcourt Social Studies Texbook
Use the user name and password for your grade.
Ben's Guide
Terrific site that explains how our government works.
PBS for Kids
Be President for a Day! How Does Government Affect You! Step Inside The Voting Booth!
Time For Kids
Website that supports the student magazine. An important resource for helping students stay informed about current events.
Independence Hall National Park, Philadelphia
The National Parks official website showing the sites in Independence Hall National Park in Philadelphia.
The White House Presidential Biographies
Biographies of Presidents form the official site of the White House.
PBS Biographies of American Presidents
PBS provides students with information about the American Presidents.
Social Studies for Kids
Fun facts about our Presidents and our government
Fun Facts from the White House
More fun facts about our presidents from the White House.
Amazing Americans!
The Library of Congress website gives facts about amazing Americans, especially the presidents.
First Ladies
Facts about our First Ladies.
History Central
This is a website with facts about First Ladies and Presidents.
About Famous People
Facts about the First Ladies as well as the Presidents.
The White House& First Ladies
The official website of the White House with a link to facts about all our First Ladies.
Discovery Streaming - The U.S. Constitution
An informative video about the creation and the powers of the U.S. Constitution.